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Our mission is to provide the poorest children of Costa Rica with schools, resources and ongoing support to ensure they have the best opportunity for a middle-class education.

How We Achieve School Improvement  »

In each institution a clean, orderly and visually attractive environment has been established, with sufficient classrooms, covered recreational zones and green areas. Classrooms, gymnasiums and other facilities have been constructed. Retaining and protective walls have been built to provide a safe environment for the children.  See before and after photos  »

Scholarships of Excellence for Serious Students
Students attend a private high school with all expenses paid. These are pupils who have graduated with the best grades from primary schools supported by the foundation.  Learn more about our scholarships of excellence  »

Educational Support Fund
Resources have been provided to enable socially-disadvantaged students to remain in school by providing them with uniforms, shoes, transportation, meals, and school materials. In addition, we have sponsored sports, arts and academic programs developed by teachers.

Advancement of Technology
Multimedia Resource Centers and Computer Laboratories have been created and equipped with the aim of allowing teachers and pupils access to the learning possibilities that technology offers. Along with the Computer Lab, a curricular program integrating Information Technology with academic subjects.

Educational Field Trip Plan
The children have their first opportunities to visit museums, industries, and nature, geological and zoological parks.

Camps Promoting Spiritual Values
Students can attend two-day camps where, through games and time dedicated to reflection, they have been helped to think about their spirituality.

Classes in Ethics
Scholarship students receive monthly courses designed to give them the tools necessary to develop an internal code of ethics. This course lasts the full five years of secondary education and is taught by our Executive Director, Gustavo Vega.
Educar News

Results of the Academic Improvement Project  »  December 2016

The end of the year marked the completion of various initiatives undertaken throughout the year aimed at improving educational levels in elementary schools. A series of assessments demonstrated that the project achieved positive results. For example, at the start of the year 46% of second grade students at Santa Rita Elementary School showed adequate reading skills, whereas at the end of the year this reached 76%. At the San Luis Elementary School, 30% of second grade students were falling behind in reading and mathematics. By the end of the school year this had been reduced to 4%. We plan to enhance and extend this project 2017.

VIII Meeting for Scholarship Students and Graduates  »  November 2016

A group of students from the Scholarships for Excellence Program participated in the eighth annual meeting of scholarship students and graduates. In addition to visiting a wildlife conservation center, attendees received a talk on nanotechnology development in Costa Rica. This annual meeting is a great opportunity to keep in touch with graduates from the program and motivate current scholarship students.

Educar supports extra-curricular activities  »  October 2016

As part of our support for schools, the foundation has sponsored a series of initiatives to enrich children’s educational experience. In 2016, we helped organize science fairs, coach sports teams, develop arts shows, hold spiritual retreats and run spelling contests, both in English and Spanish. Funding from Educar has been key to the success of these activities.

Volunteer Activities at Santa Fe  »  September 2016

Students from the Scholarships of Excellence spent one Sunday carrying out various improvements at the Santa Fe School. They painted and decorated various worn-out cupboards and desks, pruned bushes, collected garbage, painted the entrance handrails and cleaned the stained floor of a classroom. We congratulate them for their excellent work.

Spelling Bee  »  August 2016

For the sixth consecutive year, Educar Foundation and the Alajuela Rotary Club organized the regional spelling bee. This year, 20 schools took part by holding internal competitions to select a representative for the finals. The Quebradas, San Luis and Juan Arrieta Schools stood out, achieving first, second and third place respectively. We congratulate the winning students and their teachers and are very proud or their achievements.

Fundación Educar Butterfly Logo Fundación Educar is a unique project as it does not simply consist of donating money, but rather a continual process of supporting schools through structured programs, such as our Scholarships of Excellence and Educational Support Fund.


What We've Accomplished


Transportation Students provided with uniforms, shoes, 
 books, school materials, transportation, 
 meals, eyeglasses, and psychological, 
 neurological, linguistic and auditory 


Field trips Students have participated in educational 
 field trips 


Spiritual camps Students have participated in spiritual  


Teachers  Teachers qualified in courses recognized by 
 the Civil Service 


Desks  Desks donated 


Programs  Pedagogical, agricultural, scientific, athletic 
 or behavioral projects developed 


Classrooms Classrooms built, repaired or reconstructed 


Infrastructure Various projects of infrastructure 
 improvements such as creation of green 
 areas, electric wiring changes or 
 construction of walls 


Scholarships Students received full scholarships to private 
 high schools 


Ethics Students participate in an ethics course 
 every month for five years 


Gymnasiums Metallic structures and coverings for 
 gymnasiums built 


Multimedia Multimedia resource centers built and 


Computer lab Computer lab built and equipped 


Technology Integrated technology program developed